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Workkle use your personality to help you
find the perfect job for you.

Minimum salary should be £10,000

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We Put You Forward,
Not Just Your CV

You are more than just a piece of paper; you are a complex human being with a unique set of emotions, capabilities, interests, and motivations. So why not use your personality strengths to find the perfect job for yourself? Use Workkle to search for jobs that suit you.

  • Have employers contact you based on your portfolio of skills that set you apart.
  • Interview for companies where you fit in culturally, which share your values, and which can fulfil what motivates you.
  • We don't want to lose you in the stream of standardized job roles, we want you to shine as you!
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What You Get

Find A Job That Fits You

Based on your individuality, our process will help you find a job that fits your working style, distinctive personality, and your motivators. So don't worry about feeling stuck in a rut - we've got you covered.

Increase Success Rate

When you're working in a job that motivates you, it doesn't feel like a job - it becomes a passion. And guess what that does for your success rate? You'll find yourself doing better, accomplishing more targets, and reaching more goals.

You'll Find Teamwork

Do you want to work as part of a team where you can truly shine? Develop personally and professionally in a team environment that nurtures you to excel.

Register On The Site

Get started on your career path with Workkle. Complete a simple registration form to sign up on the website. You'll be asked to fill in a few essential details which will bring you one step closer to finding the perfect job.

Registration is easy. You can register as an employer or candidate.

Create yourself on Workkle by selecting your personal characteristics

Take The Workkle test

You are nothing without your personality, and we realise that. Take the one-time Workkle assessment which will capture your personality traits, working preferences, and cultural style to lead you to a good job fit.

Complete Your Profile

Publish your unique profile and showcase your qualifications, experience, and skills for the perfect employer to find you. You don't need to go looking for the perfect job, the perfect job will find you.

Complete your Workkle profile, adding any extra information that you think will be eye catching.

Start your search, save jobs that you like and all you have to do is apply.

Search For Jobs

It helps if you know what you want. Instead of waiting for employers to contact you, you can contact them by applying through our platform. Using our search tools, search for and filter out the dream job you've been looking for. Job listings are plenty, and there's one out there just for you.

We Know What You Want And We Can Help You Get It.

You bring to the role what no one else can - you.

Workkle VS Traditional Job Sites

Traditional Job Sites

Quick Registration
Provides candidates with a simple sign-up process, with the ability to enter their personality and characteristic traits.

Personalised Profile
Create and build a unique profile, where candidates can add achievements, experiences, certifications and furthermore showcase their true strengths through an insight into their personal attributes.

One-Click Application
Once registered, candidates are able to apply for jobs via one click.

Job Application Status
Provides a view to candidates on how their applications are getting on, at which stage and if they are successful or not.

Invitations to Apply
The ability for candidates to be invited to apply for jobs that have been posted by appearing in a recommendations list.

We Know What You Want And We Can Help You Get It.

With Workkle, you can forget about the headache of an unsatisfactory job. Workkle uses an advanced algorithm to match candidates to their ideal jobs. You input your personality and qualifications into our system, and we will bring you the job you always wanted. Don't delay, success is at your fingertips. All you have to do is get started.