About us

Hiring the right new employees is time consuming, costly and slow. With the vast amount of qualified candidates and applicants in the market out there, how do hiring managers find the right fit for the position and for the company?

Launched in 2019, Workkle.com is a talent solution that helps organisations save time and cost in the hiring process. We do this by ensuring new hires are not only qualified for the position but are also a perfect fit for the organization – culturally, motivationally and personality wise.

Attract, hire and reduce staff turnover by using refined matching algorithms to pick the right person for the right job in the right team.

Our mission at Workkle is helping you identify candidates who have the qualifications and the personality that match with your company’s and individual mission, vision, and goals.

On the flip side, our aim is to provide a platform where candidates can build a Workkle profile based on their personal and professional preferences. We feel candidates should be given a fair chance in applying for jobs, where they may not have been put forward for via a recruitment agency.

Workkle –  A smarter way to attract, hire and retain the right people for the right jobs.