Frequently Asked Workkle Questions

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What do I do if anything is missing from Workkle’s lists?

Contact us at and we will add whatever we can to all our lists. This includes universities, skills, certifications and job roles. We know that things are always changing, and we want to change with them….so give us a shout.

Can I upload my CV too?

Yes, we still encourage candidates to upload CVs. CV’s are still thought to be important to employers so make sure you upload an up-to-date version.

How quickly will employers respond?

At Workkle we do encourage employers to respond as soon as they can, usually within a week or two. If you have not heard anything back, give us a shout and we will try to help you out.

Do I need to answer any pre-interview questions during my application?

In the event an employer has posted a job, and they have elected to ask their own qualifying questions, then yes, you will need to answer these. Remember, just be yourself, short and sweet answers are usually the best – a few sentences. Usually an employer will make their mind up after the first couple of sentences so make sure your answer stands out!

Will I match a lot of jobs?

This will depend on the job you are searching for, the job posts available, and how up to date your profile is. Remember, your profile is your most important asset on Workkle, and the information in here is what drives your results.

How does the Workkle matching process work?

If you are searching for a role and apply for that role, your profile is then presented to the employer. Employers also receive recommendations for candidates that have not applied, but could be a good fit for their role. The employer then has an opportunity to “invite” someone to apply.

Does Workkle contact me for anything?

From time to time we contact candidates after they have been accepted or invited for an interview to obtain some feedback and learn from your experiences. It will help us to improve our process.

How will employers contact me?

You will only be contacted by employers that are matched with you. Even then, the only form of contact would be to “invite” you to apply for the job that they have posted. Further communications will then be carried out between yourself and the employer.

What makes you different from other job boards?

Firstly, no random jobs! We show what you want, and if we don’t have any, you don’t see it! Secondly, when you build your profile, we ask you to be the real you. This is where we are different, and where we want you to learn about yourself and also where and what might fit you the best. Thirdly, Workkle helps to identify candidates that might are better suited than others based on our matching process, which then lets employers deep dive into candidates.

Do I have to pay to use Workkle?

Of course not! That certainly is not our business model. The only expectations we have from you when using Workkle, is to be honest when registering and be yourself. Trust us, the right job will come.

Do I have status updates on how my application is progressing?

We do provide statuses where if you have applied for a job you will know if you have been accepted for an invite or if you are unlucky to not receive one. You will also see where the job has been closed. Of course, we expect our employers to keep their job posts up-to-date so any statuses are driven from their updates.

What sort of jobs are filled through Workkle?

Our aim at Workkle is to be the one stop shop for all industry sectors. Our initial target will be the Technology and Supply Chain market, however this does not mean we will not have jobs for other industries. Remember, the platform is available for all to use. We also do not limit who searches for jobs, whether you are a graduate or an experienced job seeker, you are all welcome.

What sort of employers use Workkle?

We are used by and aim to be used by as many employers as possible. From small startups to larger enterprises. We have no limitation on the types of employers that register with us. It’s a benefit for them to use Workkle as it means they get to see the real you. Which is what you want!

How do I apply for a job?

To apply for a job, you have to register first. If you click on apply, and you are not registered, the website will direct you to the registration page. You can find “Register” on the top right of your screen from the homepage.