Frequently Asked Workkle Questions

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Do you quality check our job posts?

Of course we do! If we didn’t check the job posts, anyone could submit anything. So yes, its key for us to ensure that job posts are what they are supposed to be, and for us to also be in a position to reject posting anything that is malicious or spam.

Will Workkle contact me or hassle me if I register?

Maybe! From time to time we would want to hear back from you. Learn about how we can improve to provide you a better service. We will not send any marketing emails to you as that is not our style, and frankly we have more important things to do – like finding you the best candidates.

Will Workkle try to ‘sell’ a candidate as a recruiter might?

Not quite sell! We will produce, via your dashboard, a list of recommended candidates that match what you are looking for. This list consists of candidates that will not have applied for the job posted, but you will be able to “invite” them to apply.

Will Workkle contact or follow up with candidates on my behalf?

No. Workkle will not contact or follow up with candidates on behalf of employers. Its up to you to invite candidates for interviews and from then on communicate directly with them to organise any meetings. We may contact candidates a few weeks after being invited for an interview to obtain any feedback, and experiences of using Workkle.

What types of candidates have registered with you?

Anyone, from any professional level can register with Workkle. Our early stage focus is that of the Supply Chain and Technology industries, however we know that there are employers out there that are raring to use our platform for their recruitment process.

How do you quality control the candidates?

Depending on what job you post and the selections you make when posting the jobs, you will first begin to see those people who have applied for the job. Granted you may receive a high number of applications, but is there really any harm in that? The beauty of Workkle is that you can separate the “wheat from the chaff”  – so to speak. Secondly, you receive a list of “recommendations” that you can actually invite to apply. Remember, there is no such thing as a perfect candidate, i.e. a purple squirrel. There is however Workkle, which lets you find the best fit for the role you are advertising.

How can you be sure that the information candidates provide during registration is accurate?

Firstly, all candidates are required to complete their profile before they can apply for any jobs. Secondly, we make it very clear that if there is any false information found, the candidates account will be handled in the most appropriate manner. We pride ourselves on the information we receive from our candidates and believe that our registration process encourages candidates to be honest, as that is what our process is built on, and ultimately what is best for them.

How are you different from a recruitment agency?

One of the main functions for Workkle is to provide level playing platform and that recruiter biases were taken out of the equation. For example, a recruiter might put forward a great earner for them, but is this someone that truly wants to develop within your company, that has the right personality for what you are looking for, that actually works in the way you want them to? These are all subjective from a recruiters’ perspective. At Workkle, this is not the way we work – we are objective!

How do I post a job?

You will need to register before you can post a job. Once registered, you will enter into your dashboard and notice in the top right corner where you will find “Post Job”. Don’t forget, Workkle is currently free to use!

What makes Workkle different from other job boards?

Workkle is a job board with a twist. Employers/ Recruiters can post jobs, however, there are some additional pieces of information that we ask for to really dig into your requirements. You can then see the real action via your dashboard.

How much do I have to pay to post a job?

Luckily…for you, Workkle is currently not charging anything to post jobs. We want you to use the platform and appreciate it for what it is, how it works, and the powerful information it provides to support your recruitment decision-making process.

How do I register?

You can navigate to the top right corner of the Workkle site and click on “Register”. You will then be given the opportunity to register as an “Employee”. At Workkle, we know that recruitment agencies are vital to the recruitment industry, so agencies can also join as employees.