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Struggling to find the right calibre employees? We know that companies are built on more than just a company profile and brand values; a company is built on the right kind of talent. With Workkle, you can hire candidates who bring the right skills and the right attitude to the job helping you build teams based on your organisational values. Our advanced algorithm will match you to the right employee who will be the asset you needed for your workplace. Workkle bring you all the benefits with none of the hassle.

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What You Get


Showcase your company values to identify applicants who fit your organization best. Workkle has a diverse community of qualified job seekers each of whom brings a unique skillset suitable for various roles.


Select the best motivated and productive employees who are not only qualified for the position, but are also a perfect fit for the organisation in terms of culture, motivation and personality.


Reduce staff turnover by picking the right person for the right job in the right team. By making sure employees fit into your company culture, you can lower your attrition rate.

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Are you ready to meet the dream employee? To get started, sign up for Workkle in one easy step. All you have to do is provide some basic details about yourself and your company, and you can start looking for potential candidates to work for you. Registration is the first step to building the right team.

Registration is easy. You can register as an employer or candidate.

Post your jobs quickly and set the criteria of the type of candidates you are looking for.

Post Jobs

Post and advertise jobs providing details about the role and the qualities you are looking for in potential candidates. Your job posts will attract the right person from our talent pool, giving you the convenience of not having to filter through multiple applications.

Your Dashboard

Review and monitor your posted jobs and candidates in a single view. Using Workkle’s unique dashboard you can quickly identify candidates that you think will be a great fit, and furthermore you can also use the recommendations view to invite potential candidates.

Excellent! You’ve posted a job, now you just need to monitor your dashboard and see what Workkle conjures up.

Select and review potential candidates. Check out any candidate recommendations that appear in the process – where you can invite to apply.

Search For Suitable Candidates

After you’ve completed all the steps above, you can start looking for suitable candidates to work for your company. Using factors such as their location, unique skillset and area of expertise. No two candidates are alike, and our search engine will prioritize and recommend those candidates for you who better fit the job description, your company profile and values.

We are committed to making your life easier

with our specialised job portal.

We work harder everyday to bring you the best candidates for your vacancy, and we make sure that the right talent is matched to you for an easier and quicker hiring experience. Use Workkle today for a better tomorrow for your company.

Workkle VS Traditional Job Sites

Traditional Job Sites

Post Jobs
Allows employers to post jobs, and specify what kind of cultural fit, motivation, and values they are looking for in employees. Employees fill in a detailed form from where these characteristics are matched.

Qualifying Questions
Employers can add qualifying questions when posting jobs, which allows improved screening of candidates and a better person-job fit.

Pricing Model
Offers a very simple, easy to follow pricing model which is a lot more cost-effective. Posting jobs is currently free.

Provides employers the ability to compare candidates based on their qualifications, skillsets, and personal values. Ability to recommend potential candidates based on the jobs posted.

Invite to Apply
Allows employers to invite suitable candidates to apply for jobs that they have posted.

We're Committed To Finding You The Perfect Role

We are your virtual HR department and we will connect you to the candidate you've been looking for. Join Workkle today and let our algorithm handle the work of shortlisting applicants. Our vast pool of talent is available at your fingertips and the right employee is just a few clicks away.